6 Models Of Chains That Are Fashionable

For many women, following the fashion world is a pleasure and a fun. Finding that piece of desire that is high and making the combinations for the perfect look is something that deserves celebration. This also applies to accessories and consequently to models of chain that are fashionable.

In today's post, we will introduce you to trends in Gold Rope Chain and how to use them. She is interested? So keep reading!

  1. Long chain

Long gold rope chain are trended for some time and should not leave the scene anytime soon. Be it of the very fine cord with nothing on the tip, whether it is made of beads and pendants, such an accessory will remain present in the jewelry box.

Two types of very famous long chain are the most delicate and the religious style - which we will deal with later. They are great for wearing with high collars and canoe style, because they give a certain volume in the area of ​​the bust, but without drawing too much attention.

  1. Choker choker

On the rise in recent years, are chokers chokers! They match optimally with blouses and "fall-down" dresses or with the cranky sleeves, drawing attention to the shoulder area.

The combination of this type of chain with the neckline format shoulder to shoulder gives the folk style so dear to the most modern women.

  1. Stone chain

Being able to be of more lenguinho style and until choker, the stone chain does not obey much to a pattern of format. The important thing is to have one or more stones as the main adornment.

When wearing an entire chain covered with stones, such as maxi gold rope chain and famous pearl chains, you must be careful with the rest of the jewelry so as not to get too much information.

Another well-known type is the pendant chain made of stone in the tip. Usually, this pendant is a brilliant crystal,  zirconia or rhinestones, giving a point of light to the neck and to the neckline in V.

  1. Maxi paste

This is the chain chosen by the most stylish girls who are not afraid to draw attention. Medium in size and full of information, the maxi chain works almost like a print, making it great when combined with plain, light-colored tees.

The biggest trends are chain made in heavy-looking details - such as ropes, chains and dark stones - intertwined, giving also a rustic feel to the composition.

  1. Gravatar chain

The chain, or Y-shaped, has a very modern and futuristic footprint, giving a striking look.

Made of various types of materials, these chain are democratic and work well for daytime and evening compositions.

In modern and romantic looks, the gold rope chain appears as a string of strings tied by a lace trimming a light fabric shirt. This detail makes all the difference, giving a chic retro look.

  1. Religious chain

Religious chains follow the model of stone chain and long gold rope chain. Usually, they are made of a lanyard with a religious theme pendant on the end opposite to the clasp.

The pendants can be symbols of protection, such as Hand of Fatima, Our Lady Aparecida , cross, medal, Greek eye, angel or even the dove that represents the Holy Spirit. Another very famous religious chain is the scapular.

To wear such a chain, it is cool to wear more sober clothes, which combine with the seriousness that many people see in the faith.

With this information, you'll be ready to dress in a slim and stylish way, combining chains on a day-to-day basis.

Now that you know which models of chains are fashionable.

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