Gold Chain Necklace

Chain Necklace are a classic jewelry.

The necklace is a fundamental jewel of the feminine finery.

Because it is seen from afar highlighting the face and bust, the necklace is often more important than rings or bracelets.

Wear body collar, or body chain, its an English name, and has become fashionable! The chain that surrounds neck and arms creating a charming shape in the front and in the back has conquered many women. Used with bikinis, beach outfits, top cropped sweaters and even on shirts or under blasers, it gives personality and daring to the look.

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The formats vary from simple chain to fringes or geometric compositions. Normally, it has a union and detail in the middle of the belly / bust and the same cross the back. This trim makes the piece organic and shapes the movements. In addition to this style, there are pieces that also have extension on the shoulders. Original effect, is not it?

For night and day

Outside, the fashion made the success of the beach looks to the red carpet. Here in Brazil, the trend started shyly through fashion opinion leaders, blogs and magazines of the segment, but this summer has already shown many fans. Did you see it in the shop windows and in the street? Keep an eye on your back to notice the accessory!

They are in great demand for making chain necklace and bracelets, in gold or silver. Although of classic design, we can easily customize them by choosing the size of the stitches and the length of the chain, in order to adapt them to each one.

This type of mesh is relatively easy to manufacture, given the simplicity of the shapes of the mesh convict.

However, the work of manual manufacture of a chain necklace will always be laborious, since it is necessary to make the meshes one by one, to assemble them, to weld them, and to polish them ...

And of course mechanization now offers the possibility of manufacturing these chains at a much lower cost than manual manufacturing.

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