Gold Lion Rings

The lion is a symbolic animal very popular for representations on jewel.

It is found on jewelry millennia, it was also widely used in Europe and in the heraldic art for the coat of arms of the nobles.

In this case, it is a signet ring engraved with a heraldic lion whose flanks are engraved with initials.

This design is based on one of our modified lion rings sign designed to incorporate the customer's initials.

Gold heraldic lion rings with engraved initials

Starting from a lion rings design we already knew, that the development of the digital model is simple.

It consists of the addition of the initials engraved on the amounts of the ring.

Numerical modeling of the ring  are done with the etchings of the tray. Once the design is validated, we can print a wax model from the digital model.

3D printing allows us to physically reproduce the virtual model in every detail.

Thanks to the wax model, we can then make a mold into which the 18-carat white gold is casted.

Casting is done by the molten white gold poured into the mold of the ring.

This melting operation allows us to obtain the 18k white gold physical ring.

At this point, the ring is deburred, some details are retouched and the ring is polished.

Following the rhodium plating of the lion rings , the hollows are then filled with black enamel to mark the hollows well of the engraving that stands out very well on the white of the metal.

For this kind of gold ring design, the use of black enamel is preferable to highlight the details of engraving. To Buy Gold Lion Ring, Click the link given in the description.