History of Hip Hop Jewelry


Hip Hop Jewelry is all about extravagant chains, grills, four-finger rings and over sized hoop earrings made of gold, platinum and diamonds. Hip Hop Jewelry is for those who want to show wealth, prestige and success. Let’s talk about history of Hip Hop Jewelry. 

History of Hip Hop Jewelry

DJ Kool Herc, the “founding father of hip hop” introduced Hip hop jewelry to the world. This fashion jewelry soon become popular among African American community when block parties starts gaining popularity in New York during 70’s.

Dj Kool Herc

For African American people this jewelry represents slavery and oppression, and the discrimination that still exists today. This is way to show the world that they have overcome all difficulties. They are now flashing expensive jewelry to show they are now more successful, not a slave anymore. Hip Hop Jewelry was a sign of exorbitant wealth.

Skinny rope chains were ruling the street, when hip hop first burst onto the scene in the late 70’s. During 80s, all the hip hop groups and MCs used Hip Hop Jewelry as a prop and fashion accessories that help hip hop to gain popularity among mainstream music genre.

hip hop jewelry

Hip hop legend, Kurtis Blow, popularized Hip Hop Jewelry trend when he starts wearing several chains with oversized medallions, whereas Run DMC popularizes this jewelry trend while wearing chucky dookie chains over track suits.

Soon all the successful male rappers starts wearing large chains, and on the other hand, women rappers like Roxanne Shanté and Salt-N-Pepa popularizes this trends with oversized hoop earrings.

 Hip Hop Jewelry was all about bigger, flashier and more extreme. Now traditional ring were not about one finger ring, it transformed into the four-finger ring. On the other hand Classic gold tooth cap was replaced by gold grills.

hip hop jewelry beyonce

These hip hop jewelry styles were popularizes by rap icons like Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane.

Rap artists like Jay-Z and P. Diddy replaced the standard gold color and material of hip hop chains, with platinum and diamonds.

Later, the Cash Money Millionaires coined the famous term “bling bling” to describe the showy style and nature of hip hop jewelry.

Nowadays, all the expensive Hip Hop jewelry remains a way for rappers to announce their presence, accomplishments and success.

But today’s hip hop jewelry trends is not about expensive chains, it has transformed into large pendants and belt buckles, iced-out watches and chains, and diamond stud earrings.

Kurtis Blow

So if you are a Hip Hop fan and love wearing Hip Hop Jewelry, then we hope our article must have helped you in knowing all about the history of Hip Hop Jewelry. It’s an ever-changing genre, so you have to keep yourself update with the latest trends.

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