King of Beasts - Lion Theme Series Premium Jewelry

Under the lion's logo, Chanel showcased her new jewelry collection, which was designed for the high jewelry week held in Paris. All the jewelry is related to the lion theme. A proud lion is painted on the city's coat of arms in Venice, and Gabrielle Chanel himself feels that she and the city are closely linked.

The Lions-themed jewellery collection consists of 58 jewels. Kabrielle Chanel was inspired by this “king of beasts” and poured its image into the luxury of the finest jewelry craftsmanship.

The most important of the lion-themed jewels is the "Lion Royal" series, lion chains which is made of platinum and diamonds. This series of necklaces can adjust the length of its own, it can be used as a long necklace, and it can also be worn as a short necklace, the lion head is the central element of the necklace, it can be opened into a brooch.

People can find lion-themed jewelry on the 'Lion jewelry and connect with the seaside city of Venice. Lion chains is made of white gold and diamonds. The theme is not difficult to identify. It is the Venice city coat of arms. A lion stone lion sculpted into a gold lion rings on 'Lion San Marco' is decorated with a star, inlaid with white and yellow diamonds, representing the "wing lion" of St. Mark and thus obtained eternal life in the form of jewelry. The limit for this expensive masterpiece is only five.

Have a cute lion or leopard on your bedside table or chicken show in the living room is a huge accomplishment. Thanks to the brilliant crystal lion jewelry in having the beautiful pieces. They will definitely enhance your home in more ways than one. Be sure to pick up a few when you are in a shopping mood.

Crystals are used to make fancy dolls, figurines and animal models along with other styles. It is used to decorate and enhance the visual appeal of a person's home and office. The favorite collection is made of crystal clear cut and is designed with attention to detail. It has great color combinations and related artwork is breathable so these are the subtle Crystal collections preferred.

The collection crystal lion jewelry can be served as gifts for weddings, birthdays, and other events and also the award for the company. It is said that the presence of crystals at home attracts vibration and positive energy. It also illuminates the area in which it is present.

Sets of lion chains, diamonds, white gold, sapphire, topaz and platinum jewelry sets, necklaces, brooches and pendants, and earrings make this precious collection even more perfect. To buy Lion Jewelry Collection, Click the link given in the description.