One question that many women have is about the names of necklaces we see in magazines, blogs, television. There are so many different models on the market that we are even confused when looking for a specific model.

With that in mind, Gold Rope Chain is the most common types and trends for you to learn how to differentiate them and get even more fashionable.


This is the necklace chosen by those who like to get out of the ordinary, perfect for those who like to give that "up" in production. From medium to large size and full of information, the statement necklace attracts attention, working almost like a print. For this reason, it is perfect to wear along with a more basique or plain garment.

A practical example is the time to assemble the stripped look. It is worth combining a thicker and darker necklace with a white T-shirt, dark mid-length skirt and sneakers - for those who are comfortable - or jumping - for those who do not give up that item.


With the return of the '90s fashion, the chokers got another name, but they never stopped appearing there, but now they get more modern and tidy versions. And they do not have to be stuck in the neck, see? just close to it.

Because it is a piece that is close to the neck, the choker looks great in sweaters and dresses that will fall or the sleeves ciganinhas - especially maxi chokers , super trend - drawing attention to the area above the lap. They should be used with caution by people who have a shorter neck, as they tend to further decrease their size.

Be careful when using this type of accessory. And when we talk about care, it does not mean it should not be used, okay? There is room for the choker on all occasions. What will determine good taste is your material. Leave the fabrics for a relaxed environment, or to use during the day and, for those who require dress code, invest in those that have brightness and stonework.


They are the most elongated necklaces, generally thinner and with different pendants. When used in production, the long necklace, with a thin drawstring and an average pendant on the tip, will give volume to the bust area without drawing much attention, stretching the silhouette.

Their lengths vary and can be combined with other models of necklaces, shorter, medium or of the same length. This type of necklace looks perfect with looks that have canoe neckline or high collar, in that case it will be responsible for giving that "what" more, you know? There are no rules to coordinate the necklaces mix here. So play!

Gold Rope Chain Necklace

Yes, they are the traditional chainsaws. They are super high and can be of the most varied sizes and colors. Which allows us to assemble various combinations, joining a thicker Gold Rope Chain with other fininhas for example.

Here, we bring two versions that are super trendy!

Regardless of the clothes and the necklace, the important thing is to feel good about the look you choose!

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