Lion Jewelry Collections

“Lion, a symbol of a constellation, is strong and powerful. When it is shaped into a picture, a badge is seen as a protective amulet of asylum, but it is added. The intrinsic feminine features of the lion jewelry structure, such as the performance of long necklaces, are the combination of softness and firmness. Many loves the crystal, the full body of the sculpted crystal, and the yellow diamond present in it.

Lion Head Pendant

The lion is an emblematic animal, which has served as a symbol for many peoples.

Both Sumerians, Jews and Christian Kings used the lion to symbolize power, wisdom and strength.

Of course, the figure of the lion pendants, represented in its entirety or just by its head is found on the Lion Head Pendant of the nobles and leaders of these people.

We suggest you to follow the manufacture of a Lion Head Pendant particularly faithful to the point of seeming to roar.

Lion Head Pendant made from our gold lion head signet design

Lion sculpture in CAD

For our project, we started from a virtual sculpture of a roaring lion's head, with all the details of a real lion pendants.

You will notice the fangs, eyes, ears and lion's mane that are very realistic.

3D printing allows us to faithfully reproduce this CAD modeling into a physical sculpture that will then allow us to cast it in silver or gold, in the color of our choice.

Given the volume of the Lion Head Pendant, because of the lion's mane, this model requires a lot of time for finishing and polishing details.

It is necessary to deburr the foundry stock, eliminate the stems that support the fangs during 3D printing and polish the contours of the mane.

After first cleaning, we find the brilliance of the silver but its brilliance makes lose the contrast of the engraving of the muzzle, the folds of the lips and the nose.

Then follows the operation of oxidation of silver, which with polishing will allow us to bring out all the details of the sculpture of the lion's head.

Lion Pendant showing all the details of the mouth and the mane Lion Head Pendant shows a roaring lion.

Given its size, the weight of this ring is only 14 grams, making it easy to wear for both men and women. To Buy Lion Pendant, Click the link given in the description.