Most Popular Hip-Hop Pendants Of 2018

Hip-Hop A Culture:

Hip-Hop is simply not just a style but instead it is a culture. It is a culture where the people stand together for what they trust. The most important thing that makes the Hip-Hop brand is the Bling Bling jewelry. Bling is a word that is more famous among the Hip-Hop World. They use it in chains or other forms of jewelry in the Hip-Hop group.

Free Hip-Hop Culture:

The culture in the Hip-Hop is that they do not have any limitations, they can do any trial in life. Since they work on what their heart says they cross their boundaries and do what they want because they love what they are doing. One of the main attribute of this culture is the Hip-Hop Pendant jewelry. Here are a list of 4 popular Hip-hop pendants that will definitely work out well to express who you are.

Statue of Liberty Rebel Pendant In gold and Silver with Matching Chain: This pendant is available in our La Gold Cartel site in both Gold and silver. You can choose the one that suits you.

The pendant is made up of the status of liberty which denotes the want of freedom your life. To Buy Liberty Rebel Pendant Chain, Click Here

Egyptian Pharaoh Vintage Gold Finish with Rope Chain: It comes in two colors one is the gold color and in the silver color. Pharaoh are known as the kings in the ancient days in Egypt.

It denotes the power of a king and it also signifies royalty. To Buy Egyptian Pharaoh Vintage Gold Finish with Rope Chain, Click Here

Gem Stone Pendant in Emerald, Aquamarine, & Ruby: This type of pendants came into existence from 18th century and was used for very special events.

These pendants come with different combinations such as gold blue, red, etc. Come and find what suits you the best in Lagold Cartel. To Buy Gem Stone Pendant in Emerald, Aquamarine, & Ruby, Click Here

Iced out Money Pendant & Chain:  The final pendant that we are going to see is the Dollar Necklace Set. The major feature in this pendant is, it is iced out with diamonds and is in two colors the gold and the silver color.

This gives a very good majestic look and it suits for anyone. Want to have to look. Click Here.

Weed Leaf Pendant with Gold Chain: If you are the one who is searching for a Weed leaf Pendant then you are at the right place that is the Lagold Cartel. This is one of the fashionable and trendy designs available in the Hip-Hop pendants.

This can fit for both the men and women depending on the size and length. They are available in two colors that is the Gold and Silver. I'm sure that if you wear this out you can grab the attention of everyone. To Buy Weed Leaf Pendant with Gold Chain, Click Here

These are the few popularly running Hip-Hop Pendants for the season. Apart from this there are plenty of Hip-Hop Pendants in our Lagold Cartel site like the Angel Wings Pendant, Revolver Pendant, Uzi and Lion Head pendants which are iced out too.. I’m sure you can find the best one with us. Have a Glance At Our Beautiful Collections!!!

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