Some Interesting Facts about Jewelry


Everyone loves to wear jewelry. Jewelry makes you looks stylish and helps enhance the inherent beauty of women.

Here are some interesting facts about jewelry


  • Due to a similar appearance to gold, the mineral pyrite has the nickname fool's gold. 


  • Over the last 100 years South Africa has been the biggest producer of gold. In recent times however it has been surpassed by China.


  • The largest gold nugget ever found weighed over two hundred pounds in Australia.


  • For rose gold jewelry, copper is mixed PURE with the gold to give its distinct, pinkish color. Pure Gold is always yellow.


  • Karat, is the measurement used to identify how much solid gold is in an item. If a gold piece is 24k, then it is 100% gold.


  • It is believed that around 80% of earth's gold is still buried underground.


  • The visors of astronauts' space helmets receive a coating of gold to reduce glare and heat from sunlight.


  • 75% of American brides receive engagement rings made from gold and diamonds.


  • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds the world's largest accumulation of monetary gold with $147 billion worth of gold bullion.


  • South Asian jewelry is generally more pure than western jewelry, comprised of 22 carat gold rather than 14 carat.


  • Egypt and Mesopotamia are the two ancient civilizations, who first started organized production of jewelry.


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