The Meaning Behind The Lion Head Jewelries

The lion is a very old symbol and in the olden days apart from jewelry they were also used for many purposes. It is compared with sun for the power and the bravery a lion has. The lions are called by a nickname called the "King Of Beasts" During the medieval age of the European rulers the lions were used in the Shields, banners and even in the flags to show how powerful and courage outside. There was a myth in the ancient days stating that the lion was compared with both the God and Goddesses of those days. During the rituals or while worshiping the sun the lion head rings were used.

Many nations that worshiped pagans was very clear about their view that lions were created by lions. The lions were also explained in the bible and how it was used every time.

No one can deny the fact that lion is one of the animals that were used for the decoration of jewelry. It is even used for accessories, and for the sculptures.

The reason is very simple, the lion heads has been used in many forms which gives a majestic look. It all started from Greece and the ancient Egypt who used Lion heads for decorations. If you travel to the back history you can find out throughout the way about where the lion heads has been used continuously in the furnitures, in the decorations, as a statue and even in architecture.

The meaning behind lions were so big and different in each place, let's have a quick look about what is there behind it. In Egypt the lion heads were linked to prosperity of water. The fountains, the temples and all the public places had lion impression in it.

In some places like in the Rome, lion symbol denoted power, bravery, majestic, The lion heads were present in the door knockers of the doors of the military or the political leaders. The lion's statues were used as the guardian of the place as well.

During the mid period, the lions symbolized Christianity and Royalty. Only royal people used carve lion heads in their belongings. In Europe the lion was considered as the symbol of the resurrected Jesus Christ.

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You might be wondering or surprised to hear to about the history of lion heads. The lions have had a very big role throughout our history. And the meaning is remaining unchangeable even today. It still denotes the power and bravery.

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