Under The Sign Of The Lion, The New Chanel High Jewelry Collection

Chanel always keeps alive the spirit of its founder, the inimitable Gabrielle Chanel. His new collection of High Jewelry uses the lion as a symbol . Coco Chabel was born under the sign of Leo and the lion, perhaps because he was born under his influence or because he felt a crush when he discovered in Venice the winged lion that symbolizes San Marcos, it was his favorite animal.

The new collection Sous le Signe du lion (Under the sign of the lion) is formed by 58 pieces between lion chains, lion rings , necklaces, bracelets and earrings . In all the jewels the lion is the protagonist but Chanel has used two design themes. On one hand, Leon Arty sculpts his form in a single monolith of gold and, on the other, León Pépites is sketched in curved lines. Chanel achieves that very soberly the lion, the king of the Zodiac, reveals all its power and ruja with character.

The jewels Under the sign of the lion have the strength of the animal that represents in a brilliant yellow gold, in white gold set with diamonds and in white gold, diamonds and pearls, a mixture full of glamor, luxury and strength. It is the second time that Chanel uses the lion in one of her jewelry collections; the first time he did it was in 2012 .

Coco Chanel visited Venice for the first time in 1920, at a very critical time in her life because she was devastated by the death of the love of her life, Boy Capel. Her best friend Misia had convinced her to change the air. In Venice he met the lion, the symbol of the city of Venice. He saw him represented on the top of the pediment of the Basilica of San Marcos when he was about to begin his visit to the temple. He contemplated the image of a strong animal, of a born conqueror, a majestic king surrounded by the golden stars represented in the mosaic.

The animal seemed to resurrect the forces that were weakening in that bleak moment. Venice and its winged lion always made Coco Chanel reborn. In the city of the canals, Gabrielle Chanel traveled many times. It was the city of its rebirth. To buy Lion Jewelry Collection, Click the link given in the description.